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Christina Rae Carrigan


The World Craft Council North American Region (WCCNA) is one of five regions represented in the World Craft Council International (WCC) organization. Volunteers power the effort of the WCCNA, to encourage connections and build networks between North American craft and the rest of the world, ensuring that Northern American, Central American, and Caribbean craft is known and appreciated as a reflection of our collective, unique and diverse North American culture.



As described by UNESCO, the WCC’s mission is “To maintain, strengthen and ensure the status of crafts as a vital part of the cultural and economic life. To promote the human values of crafts and sense of fellowship among the craftworkers around the world. To encourage, help and advise craftworkers and foster wider knowledge and recognition of their work, having due regard to the separate cultural and national backgrounds and traditions of its members.”

Read more about the history of the formation of the WCC in Canadian scholar, Sandra Alfoldy’s article: Global Peace Through Craft: The Formational of the World Crafts Council.

Art by Rebecca Hannon
Art by Rebecca Hannon

"maintain, strengthen and ensure the status of crafts as a vital part of the cultural and economic life."


The WCCNA encourages individuals and organizations to become members. The WCCNA fees are shared between the region and the World Craft Council International, so you join BOTH organizations at once.

Memberships are
auto-renewed annually.

The WCCNA also maintains a list of honourary members.


Individual membership fees are $75 USD.


International/Regional Non-governmental organization memberships fees are $200 USD.  Annually, select organizations from this category will be chosen as "National Entities" to represent the region at the WCC International.


Meet The Team

Canadian Contact

Bernard Burton

WCCNA Vice President

Canadian Contact

Maegen Black

WCCNA President

American Contact

Andrew Wang

WCCNA Past President

Louise Chong - Pendant_Ollie_Argentium_2


Artist Links

Thank you to the many artists that sent their work to be featured on our website. Listed below are the artists whose work was featured (in order).

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